Apple iPhone XR Clear Case Review

The price tag might be the one reason that might have made you get your hands on the iPhone XR in the first place instead of the other two priciest Apple beasts rolling out of the curtains in year 2018. Taking nothing away from the iPhone XS or the brother iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR still has dozens of reasons you can go for this while discarding both the former mentioned.
The larger than life color options you get offered in this model is like never-before experience for the iPhone-fans and if that’s not something to get you on the edge of your seat; what you can resist is the battery life of iPhone XR which is better than both the XS iterations debuting this year. The all-glass back is also on offer in XR and that’s something calling out for the extra protection or better to call it a well-suited case for your phone.

Is it your cup of tea?
The hues this model has to offer are not available in any other of the iPhone models, how inappropriate it would be to hide it in the name of protection? Apple cares for you and they have got something very much apt for you so with this Clear Case you can flaunt every bit of your phone without even having the second thought about its protection. Moreover, it doesn’t hijack your phone with obsessing it with too much of covering on it.
What makes this go-to case your iPhone XR is its thin and light design that’s make your 6.1 inches screen phone easy to handle while even on the move. As Apple is known for standing at least a mile ahead of the counterpart, this case is the prime example of it as this one coming as the blend of TPU and clear polycarbonate snugly fits your phone and gives optimum protection around the clock.

Who can outsmart Apple when it comes to the style? Actually no one, and when actually it’s about designing a case for its own phone no one can that deeply understand the engineering and safeguarding demands of this phone other than Apple itself. This clear boost your confidence to an extent that you go up flaunting your phone with all thanks to clear case it has to offer this time.

The scratch resistant material is up on the charge from inside out and that pampers the phone with going carefree and not bothering about the scuffs at all. The quality is the prestige of Apple and same goes for this case which won’t wear and tear within days or even months time.

Damage on Pocket

Color Options

What it is made up of
Polycarbonate and TPU

Value for Money (VFM)
$39 for an Apple case is apt for you; if you ain’t looking for the ultra-protection from drops.

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