Gear4 Platoon Case for iPhone XR Review

If you own an iPhone XR and happen to have a lifestyle full of tough adventures this review is for you. Buying an iPhone is already heavy on the wallet. Encasing it in a case costs a fraction of the amount of a new phone if you end up shattering yours.
The new Gear4 Platoon is for the tough going and this case is chiseled to perfection, being slim and simple at the same time
If you are someone who has a job that requires a rough and tough routine but wants to own the elegant iPhone XR, this is the case for you. The Gear4 Platoon has survived over 20 feet drops. The rugged material toughens on impact. Such construction comes with a 2-piece layout.

Firm Grip
The outer most layer is the TPU exterior, for a firm grip, with a simple black design. The TPU has outlets to access ports easily and responsive buttons aligned with the phone. The edge has a rugged design, lets you hold on the phone more firmly. It has added protection of flaps over the outlets. Hidden beneath the TPU, comes the interior shell which is made from 3 further materials. The outside edge which is once more made up of TPU has a back made up of polycarbonate, featuring the Gear4 insignia on it.

Protection against Impact
Polycarbonate is also utilized in a bulletproofed glass! The back has a knurled diamond texture which enhances your grip on the phone. Lastly, the innermost layer of this shell is made from signature d30 material. This has an added 18% of d30 as compared the Gear4 cases launched in the past. D30 adds an extra layer of protection against the impacts, highly vital for your phone.

Shield against Dust
The raised bezels bordering the phone’s edges and camera prove to be highly useful if your phone is prone to a course routine. It shields it against friction from dust and debris, leaving the screen and lens scratch free. The high height edge does not hinder the camera view, neither does it block the flash.
All the added layers don’t hinder the wireless charger. You can easily charge your phone without having to take the case off.

The Look
The premium impact case can bear high impacts. It comes in a rich Black color exuding longevity and strength. The knurled glass back gives a sophisticated finish to the case.
It’s a norm to have a bulky case if it offers high impact protection. But not the Gear4 Platoon. Its lightweight, the fitted and elite design gives an elegant sheen to it. This case is well fitted for sports, military, and industrial use as stated on the official website.

Cost Specifics
It costs £49.99 on Gear4’s original website.
Individuals working in the great outdoors and with adventurous lifestyles, look no further. This simple yet grotesque case will live up to your expectations. It’s a great everyday case and costs way less than a new iPhone.

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