Nomad Carbon Case for iPhone XR Review

With XS and XS Max standing atop after replacing the singular iPhone X, what stays behind out of the Apple trio launched in 2018 is the iPhone XR, which is somehow the masterstroke that didn’t miss the plot even an inch. The strategy set up by Apple regarding these three models seems to be ‘You Miss, I hit’ as if something is missing in one model is available in other and vice-versa.
The price-tag made it must-have for all those Apple-fans who want to keep it up with the changing pace of technology and the trends but can’t afford the extravagant purchases of S model. Though XR isn’t that cheap still, it is a sigh of relief in comparison to the priciest XS brothers.
iPhone XR still cost you a big money and what would have pushed you a little back regarding it is the protection factor as the case is something inevitable to make sure you don’t pay much for the sake of repairing if you slip your hand off this all-glass back phone.

Is it your cup of tea?
If you eying to have hands on something that gives unique feel but yet it is sophisticated so this newest case is there to serve the purpose. It gives a better feel than the leather case but you aren’t supposed to take it as one; as this product by Nomad is touted as the Carbon Case; built with Carbon MD-6TM composite and plus it has a fine lining of TPU rubber bumper that makes your phone go damage-free with even falling from 6ft. This sturdy protection comes up with the slick grip that handling this beast easier for you. The unique finish of this case makes it second to none when it comes to the luxury feel.

The simple design topped up with the different case material is something making waves all around the tech-circle and that’s leaving the masses with the question of what actually is a carbon case. It is actually composed of the proprietary Carbon MD-6TM composite that is embedded along with TPU rubber that is efficient in case of the drop from certain heights. The dark and fade black contrast on the back of this case looks aesthetic in the first glance.

This high-end case is backed with the top quality material, which makes it smooth enough to bear your tough routine without making you regret buying it even for a once. It’s equally effective against the scratches, dings, scuffs and debris as well.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options

What it is made up of
Carbon MD-6TM composite and TPU Rubber Bumper

Value for Money (VFM)
You going to get hands on to a case that is exclusively launched by Nomad just for $34.95. By the way, you don’t need to worry about the protection-factor it pampers you around the clock.

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